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Strength Routine & Fat Loss

Can I do a strength only routine, keeping calories at maintenance or a little bellow, in order to loose fat? Maybe also gain strength, while maintaining all the muscle I have?

Strength (intense) workouts are good to maintain muscle and of course increase strength.

The typical cutting phase wo that I read, is a regular bodybuilding wo with restricted calories. So I ask, why cause so much microtrauma, which is difficult to repair when on a diet with low calories?

The short answer is yes, that is a good way to go. Check out Waterbury’s 10x3 for Fat Loss program for an example.

Its all about how clean you eat if you are going to take that route. You will be fine to do that but as far as actually losing fat while maintaining muscle and increasing strength. This is a very hard thing to do. Basically, if you can maintain your bodyweight and get stronger you should be in a good way…

[quote]sharetrader wrote:
Check out Waterbury’s 10x3 for Fat Loss program for an example.[/quote]

I am familiar with the program. I just read it again. Is it actually effective in increasing strength? The volume is too high.

I have not actually done this particular program, but I have used 10x5 quite a lot (which is obviously more volume) with good strength increases. The tradeoff tends to be that you have to do fewer exercises, but that doesn’t concern me because I thrive on just doing compounds.