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Strength Ratios

Can anyone provide some general stength ratios for example bench versus squat versus deadlift versus overhead press?

Bump I know someone has to have a general rule of thumb here…

It’s very dependant on the person and what they specialize in.


should be what your looking for.


Squat: 125-150% of bodyweight for 15-20 reps; deadlift: 150-175% of bodyweight for 15-20 reps; Trap Bar Deadlift: 150-200% of bodyweight for 15-20 reps; bench press: 125% of bodyweight for 6-8 reps; dumbbell bench press: 45% of bodyweight per dumbbell for 6-8 reps; chin up: bodyweight to bodyweight plus 25% in weight for 6-8 reps; dumbbell row: 50% of bodyweight for 6-8 reps; overhead press: 75% of bodyweight for 6-8 reps; dumbbell overhead press: 35% of bodyweight for 6-8 reps; dips: bodyweight plus 25% in weight for 8-10 reps. The above are for male trainees of up to about 40 years old. After that, maybe take 10% off these figures for each decade past 40, up until the age of about 60. After that we don’t care to guess. Again these are not intended to be the pinnacle of what you can do, but are levels we think almost all of you should be able to reach. Women might adopt goals of weights roughly 50% of the above goals, though they may be able in selected cases to reach 70-80% of the above weights.


thanks for the link


Interesting, are you basing this on anything specific that you have read?


Mainly injury prevention and aesthetics. I have no intention of becoming a powerlifter or competitively playing a sport but want to be strong healthy etc.

Those values are a little outta kilter…

Remember your planes, horizontal and vertical and how your strangth should relate. Obviously your deadlift and squat should be fairly similar… Depending on depth and your levers. Keep your horizontal pulling and horizontal pushing about equal. Don’t bench 250 and find you can only barbell row 175. You have a pretty big problem.

I like the poliquin link. Its great for finding a big problem. But don’t sweat a 5-10% relative error on an exercise. Just because you chin 5lbs less than you should doesn’t mean you’ll have similar results. Like the example guy had strength of 1/4 where he shoulda.

it’s an excerpt from an article by Rydin and Maurice. Other ratios I frequently read are:
Deadlift 500
Squat 400
Barbell Bench Press 300
Military Presses 200