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Strength Ratios

I was wondering if anyone has articles or information on strength ratios? I read the poliquin article he posted a while back on the upper body. Does anyone have any information on the lower body? I’m looking specifically for example, if you can squat a certain amount of weight, how much should you be able to do in accessory lifts to create or maintain structural balance.

Any help would be appreciated.

Eric Cressey has a bunch of stuff, more mobility and functional standards. Not sure he has Tnation articles discussing them, prob need to check out his products

Broadly speaking wisdom on these forums is: train/dont neglect hamstrings, dont let hips and IT band get gummed up, make sure glutes are firing well

Also could askThib in his subforum - he was a friend/apprentice of Poliquin


Mr. V’s is a solid article. This is a similar one:

The general ideas and roundabout numbers are pretty close.

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So boring, yet so critical. Ugh


Yeah releasing hip flexors and hotspots can get really nasty. Knees and even sleep have improved tho so keep telling myself its worth it (just about