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Strength Ratios Opposing Muscles

The title pretty much says it all. I’m still new to weight training, and I want to know what the right strength ratio for each muscle group is supposed to be. (Tricep to Bicep, quad to ham, that sort of stuff…)

I don’t think there’s a certain ratio that it’s stupposed to be…just lift man.

Best thing I could say is that

Your arm is like 60-70 percent tricep and 30-40 percent bicep

When squatting full ROM, sprinting, or performing an atheltic event, alot of the power comes from the hams, ass, lower back, calves, and back and abs…and obliques, which is essentially your Posterior Chain. So focusing only on Quads and Biceps won’t help alot of things unless you’re outstanding in all the other areas. But again, like the guy before me said,

Just lift!