Strength Programme

I play a fairly physical field sport, unique to my home country. I was trying to work out a programme for strength and speed - and was looking for any tips or advice people might have.
I’m 5’11" and around 168 lbs. I’m constantly battling to put on a bit of weight and take two whey shakes a day - amn’t really interested in taking any other form of supplement.
I’m limited to two days weight training a week between a match on Sunday and light training Tuesdays and hard training Wednesdays (with some circuits and plyometrics). These three days can’t be avoided.
I do Monday and Thursday as weight days.
As warm-up both days, I do 2 mile run at between 13:30 and 15 min.
Then on Day 1 (Legs and Back): I do Squats, Lunges, One-Leg Squats, Calf Raises, Leg Curls, Chins, a combo of two Rowing Exercises. 3 x 10 of each.
On Day 2 (Arms, Shoulders, Chest): I do Benching (Normal, Incline, Decline), all with barbell, Between Bench Dips, Normal Dips, reverse and normal curls, military presses, shrugs.
I fit abs in both days as well and some plyometrics occasionally on my leg/back day. Getting decent results - just wondering if I’m doing anything wrong or could I do something better. Can’t change my schedule.