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Strength program

I’m just going to be finishing up a routine in a few weeks. I’m a beginner and I want to do a strength routine after the one i’m on. I gained about 7 pounds allready and increased in strength a bit too ofcourse. I want to really bring up my strength on all lifts, but mainly barbell curls. I have to admit i want to be able to curl tons of weight as one of my goals. The big lifts, squat, bench etc are going pretty good, i won’t list them cause you guys will laugh though, but i’m pretty happy with what i’ve acheived so far. I’ve been training for about 2-2.5 months so far. So is there any programs for beginners that concentrate mostly on strength? thanks.

Check out any of Ian Kings programs in T-mag. I’ve gotten good results from Coach P’s 1-6-1 routine and 5x5 training as far as strength gains go. Hope this helps, Mack

Ok, your new, you admit that, you want to be strong, good for you, you don’t read, FUCK YOU USE THE SEARCH ENGINE. Hint hint look way back at the beginning of this magazine. CP gave a great program for maximizine arm strength gains.

Holy shit man, calm down buddy, why cant you answer like mack. You don’t have to be an ass, i have read those articles for your information, but i wanted to know if they’re more suited for intermediate or advanced trainees. You know cause its an all arm program dumb ass, usually by that time people have been training long enough to try a specific bodypart program because they have built up the rest of there body.

and yet you are a begginer and you want to build up one specific part

Ryan, I would get at least 6 months of basic training under my belt before attempting a more advanced (strength or hypertrophy) routine. In the beginning of our weight training careers most of the adaptation occurs through neural improvements.

Thanks dman, nice see a kindred spirit, and for your information, I was not talking about the one day arm cure, I was taking about his article on the progression of maximal weights which by the way can be used for all parts of the body.

Ryan ive said it once and ill say it again. When i first started training, i did a bill starr routine and gained considerable size and strength on it. Do a search on the net and look for one of his routines. deepsquatter had one on its website. That website also has dave tate and louis simmons articles. if you give it a legitimate shot you will be very glad you did.

Ryan, when I first started out training, I used this 12 week program as suggested by Coach Poliquin in one of the “Question of Strength” articles: (1)German Body Comp (to increase muscle endurance and drop body fat) (2) Maximal Weights (I did the 5x5 routine) (3) GVT (for hypertrophy)(4) 1-6 Principle. Spend only three weeks on each of these phases. Just in case you want to know, I used this in conjunction with The Get Big Diet. Expect your strength to go through the roof, and increased muscle size with it. Pay attention to tempo, and use recovery weeks when your body tells you that you need it. Hope this helps. Good luck!

Sorry fox, i just didn’t like how i was told to read the articles etc…I wasn’t talking about the arm cure program. I was talking about maximal weights, but didn’t realize that the arm routine was just a sample routine. Thanks for the information everyone.

Damn! Fox is an impatient dickhead. Beginners are, by their designation, inexperienced and thus need genuine support. Pretentious raging bastards like FOX don’t need to stick their big fat noses into a post only to insult somebody. Fox, I think that what you need is a woman to mellow you out and humble you.

Look into the fina threads. You’ll get huge!

seriously, fox flamed me for asking some questions about westside barbell. FYI fox, ive been reading this magazine since like issue 4 no joke, sometimes i dont catch everything and need to ask a few questions. Theres an overwhelming amount of information on this website, if i was just starting out with weight training i wouldn’t know which program to start with. J-bone seems to have a pretty good plan for you.

Just curious, what can you guys lift? like squat, deadlift, bench, and say barbell curl.

Ryan - most of your questions on lift amounts have been answered on previous threads but I’ll play along one more time. At a BW of 188 lbs, 5’7" and 36 years old, I deadlift 425; squat 405; bench 265; and barbell curl 125. Those are all maxes or near maxes. But you know what? the amount of weight I move doesn’t mean shit to me anymore. So why do you care how you compare?