Strength Program

I know a lot of you guys have tried the various programs here. As far as opinions go, which program offers the greatest strength increases?

I’m not trying to be a wise guy, but they are all good!

They will all work for you, but one will not work for you forever. Try one for two periods of eight weeks each with a one week rest in between. Then try another.

The fun is in finding out which one you like best. Afterall is said and done you will only gain on a program that you like and will actually use in your rotation.

The best program for longterm gains I’ve used is Westside.

Speaking of Westside, can someone post me the link to the actual Westside program? When I’ve used the search, I’ve come up with The Westside for Skinny Bastards…is this the Westside that everyone is referring to?

You’ll need to read all the 8 keys articles by Dave Tate. You can find them here or head over to, go to the article section, click on testosterone magazine, and you should find a link there.