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Strength Program

First off I’d like to say how glad I am to have found a site like this. Great people, great articles, great forum, great everything. This site is exactly what I’ve been looking for!
But anyways, I am beginning a strength program. I am a freshman in college and previously wrestled for four years at 215 lbs. The training was very intense and was a lot of fun. I decided not to wrestle in college, one of my biggest regrets. Instead I’ve decided to go for MMA because there is an MMA institute conveniently located next to my college.

To help me with my MMA I want to first gain significant strength. I’m following the “Rippetoe Starting Strength” program. I’ve asked around a lot and this is supposed to be one of the more fundamental, basic strength programs.

Do you guys think this is the right program to build strength? I’m trying to become a lot more powerful, I’ve always been an agile and flexible athlete, but I always relied on those aspects to help me win my matches. I want to be as strong as any other competition (not to say I’ll even be competing anytime soon haha-utmost respect for MMA fighters). Strength has always been something I’ve lacked for such a large guy. People assume I can lift a lot of weight, when I really can’t.

My goal is to be able to become much stronger.

Also, Nutrition-wise, should I try to eat six smaller, protein packed meals a day or is that more for bodybuilding?

I picked up some supps at GNC (including a few I had anyways).
-Animal PAK
-GNC 100% whey
-Fish Oil
Any other recommendations?

Any advice would be appreciated. Looking good is not my concern, I don’t care how much I bulk up or if I don’t get a six-pack. I want to put up a lot of weight and become explosive.

I have never said so before, but I think as an MMA fighter you should be wary of HOW you handle Rippetoes. When I first got into strength training I became strong, but because all I cared about was the numbers, I lost a lot of speed. Make sure each and every set you do is powerful and fast repped, and don’t fall into the trap of grinding out slow ‘max’ sets over and over.

Rippetoe wont mention this because he presumes his clients are powerlifters. As an MMA fighter you will want to keep your speed. Otherwise Starting Strength is excellent.

you could try westside for skinny bastards by defranco? hes quite a famous trainer and his program caters to athletes and there was a wrestler and a boxer if i rmb correctly. so it may be more suitable for you than a pure strength program? and many of his athletes are hella explosive. just look at the “asshole”'s box jump. but im just a beginner giving my opinion. so take it with a pinch of salt. (: