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Strength Program to Try as a Beginner?

Hi guys. I am wondering what strength program to follow as a *beginner? Some context…

-Im a 23 years old guy, 180lbs just coming off a cut where i dropped 35lbs (been in a deficit for awhile)

-played sports in my youth and through this day (basketball, swimming and football)

-Have 3+ experience in the gym lifting but have done more “bodybuilding” style training in the past (hence why i said im a *beginner)

-My one rep maxes are…

Bench: 205

While my overall goal is to get stronger as a whole, my MAIN goal is to get my squat in proportion with my other lifts. I have pretty long legs relative to my torso and in doing some research I’ve found that could be why its “harder” for me to squat due to leverages and such. I struggle with not having my lifts proportional according to typical strength standards.

Any help you could give me in picking out a program that fits my level/goals would be greatly appreciated! (Sorry if i rambled on here…figured the more information y’all have the better)

Thank you!

Tough to beat this one. Probably would best suit you to buy the 5/3/1 book as well, just to fully understand the principles and process. DO NOT ignore the 90% training max by using your actual maxes to calculate your working weights.


currently or ever?

Currently** sorry if that wasnt made clear

Lol i know they arent impressive :joy:

Thanks for the advice I will definitely look into it! Is there a certain strength threshold is should hit with my lifts before trying this program or is it perfect for someone with already having some experience in the gym?

You’ll be fine going in as is.

Why so? Everyone has different proportions, different training histories, different technical issues to work on. Lift in the way that moves you towards your personal goals and forget other peoples goals or strength standards.


You’re good to go as is. Just make sure you do the program as written and don’t make any changes for awhile, it addresses every aspect of your training well.

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I guess it just all in my head i suppose…thank you for laying it out like that, that does make a lot of sense.

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No worries man.

Some of the regulars probably think I sound like a broken record, but throwing up a training log here can be massively beneficial to your progress. Especially if you’re doing 531 as nearly everyone on this site has some experience of it.

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This is a pretty cool program.

It’s probably different than your BB style and might be a good way to try out some more explosive, lower reps sets.

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I assume they were more pre weight loss?

They were more or less the same…maybe +10 lbs on the upper body lifts and +15/20 lbs pre weightloss

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Guys, he’s at it again :roll_eyes:

Just kidding. Do as this guy says.

  1. Make a Log
  2. Do 5/3/1
  3. ???
  4. Profit
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Step 3 is: don’t fuck it up. A wise man once told me this is the most important step.

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