Strength Program Recommendations

Hi all,i am lookin for a strenght program that you train 3-4 times a week and which includes cleans,deads,bench press and squats?any ideas?any help will be great

i think you just answered your own question.

Look up the 5x5. There are different versions some have cleans some don’t.

If you lookup the Madcow version i think he says you can swap the incline bench on Wed for cleans. I would be worried about losing my grip doing cleans then heavy deads though.

I am doing the madcow version currently but i added power snatches on monday. I do light weight though. Just trying to get my form correct before i go heavy.

Strength Focused Mesocycle by CW

Just build your own program. You obviously know the basic lifts, setting up the rep and set schemes is pretty straightforward. Use Prilepin’s table as a guide. Most strength programs these days just seem to be dressed up versions of the table and then you can always steal a few ideas from korte, Westside, smolov, shieko etc. with regard to spacing out the workouts and how long to stay on the cycle.


Squat- Build up to 3x6
Overhead Press- Build up to 3x6
Deadlift- Build up to 1 set of between 4-6 (do not be a wise ass and do too many sets with the deadlift)
Pullups- 3 sets to failure

Day2- Squat- Build up to 3x6
Bench Press- work up tp 3x6
Power Clean- work up to 3x5

Start cycle over on friday.

Very slightly modified version in a book I have.
Scroll down until you come across the basic template. Substitute DE squats with cleans if you really want to.
Then browse the whole website.

T-Nation is a bodybuilding website, with some good strength info.
Elitefts is a strength site, with some good bodybuilding info.

Also, the guys on the westide/pling training thread, will be very helpful if you ask real nice and say please.