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Strength Program Help

This week I started a westside/defranco type program I put together.
My goals are to gain strength and power. Im 22, 6’4", 220 lbs. long limb ectomorph type.

bench: 205 lbs
dead: 315 and some change
front squat: 245lbs? i havent tried for a 1rm in quite sometime (will find out tomnorrow)


Mon. (dynamic bench)
Flat BB Bench 50% of 1rm 10x3
Tricep Pushdowns 3x10
Chins 3x5
DB Lateral Raises 3x10
Preacher BB curl 3x10

Tues. (OFF)

Wed. (Max Squat)
Front Squats work up to 3-5RM
Split Squats 3x12
RDL 3x10
Good Mornings 3x15

Thurs. (OFF)

Fri. (Max Bench)
BB Floor Press work up to 3-5RM
Incline DB Press 4x8
BB Bent Over Row 4x10
Face Pulls 3x15
Abs Circuit

Sat. (OFF)

Sun. (Dyn Squat)
Box Squat 12x2 @ 50% 1RM
? im at a loss for what else to do this day perhaps some similar movement from the max squat day)

So this is what ive came up with so far. Enough volume? Good movement selection? Once again my main goal is to gain strength and power. Any criticisms/thoughts/feedback will be much appreciated!!

Looks fine on the surface. Is there any reason you’re doing front squats as opposed to back squats?

My one suggestion is something I screwed up for many years. Make sure you have some type of progression planned for your max lifts. Don’t just walk in blindly and attempt a 3 or 5RM on the same lift every week.

Have a solid plan to increase weights, reps, or both.

One thing you can do is cycle the lifts. First week just hit a relatively easy 3 reps at ~85%. Next week bump up the weight and hit another 3 reps. The following week add weight and try for 3 again.

After that switch ME lifts for 2-3 cycles and then come back to it. Use around the same poundages as the second week from your previous cycle and use the same progression again.

With this not only do you make progression, but you also get to test the effects of different movements on each other.

For example, let’s say you use the bench press, floor press, and incline bench as your lifts. After cycling through a couple times and coming back to the bench you notice little or no improvement, this may indicate that you get little or no carryover from the floor press or incline.

Another style of progression you could try is to cycle reps on the same lift over and over, similar to Wendler’s 5/3/1 plan.

Ive been using the front squat lately for variation I also feel much more comfortable doing them (perhaps something to do with the way im built). Is it ok to use the box with the front squats?

I will increase pounadages and cycle lifts every few weeks as you prescribed keeping a log along the way.

As far as Wendlers method… does this mean week one try for a 5rm, following week 3rm then a 1rm?

Thanks for all the input and advice!

font box squats kick anus

[quote]dpower wrote:
As far as Wendlers method… does this mean week one try for a 5rm, following week 3rm then a 1rm?

Not exactly.

Read these two posts:



That should explain most of it.

you shouldnt do good mornings for 15 reps on heavy me day,you can do reverse hyper,and on de day do heavy good mornings3-5reps.and glute ham on machine.