Strength Program for Hockey Player

Hello all!
My little brother has conviced me that I should introduce him into the world of iron!

He plays hockey and wants to lift weights in order to help him with his sport. I have been looking at John Berardi’s gladiatior training, but that was for NHL players and I think my little brother needs a little more basic program before he does something like that.

My plan was to do a rippetoe program with him, get him to learn the three basic lifts in other words “squats and milk”. Is there any other program that might help him more?

Any advice would be very helpful

How old is he? Does he do any body weight exercises now? That should always be the starting point.

I forgot too write his age :frowning: He will be 15 in feb.

He has been doing bodyweight excersize for about 1 year now. Stuff like lunges/squats/pushups/situps and some work on a bosuball (the last one was his idea so I thought he should try it atleast).

Any ideas? Is he too young for weighttraining? When I coached basketball we started lifting with out 15 year olds, with lifting I mean broomstick for technique and then work up too working with a barbell.

No he’s not too young. If he has a reasonable base then he should be ready for Rippetoe. Concentrate on technique and don’t try any max attempts for a while. Ripptoe has a chapter on kids lifting in his book. The is a a copy on the ExRx site:


Have him look into doing weight training at school. Most of the time it isn�??t an option, but some schools with let kids blow off the regular phys ed. stuff and just lift.

Thanks for the link, I have ordered starting strenght and practical programming, should recive them in a few weeks. I will read the books before I do any training with him. You are right about learning form first before doing any max attempts.

I want to be there when he works with weights so he gets good form and doesn’t do anything stupid, like maxing with bad form. But I can ask him if he has anybody in school that can help him with lifting, couldn’t hurt if he lifts under supervision.

So rippetoes sounds like decent starting program for him?

[quote]wiiwii wrote:
So rippetoes sounds like decent starting program for him?[/quote]

yes. if he eats like he is supposed to, it will put strength and size onto him.