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Strength Program, 5/3/1?

Hey guys. I’m 17, beginner lifter as of a couple years.
Lately I’ve been work a lot on strength, but I’ve been using a program I made myself… and it’s not that great.

Could someone point me in the direction of a legit strength program? I want to work on bench, squat, clean (and deads if possible). I’ve been reading a bit about 5/3/1, could someone explain it better to me, if it would apply? I can’t buy the book for a couple months because I’m at boarding school.

What are you currently doing? Maybe we can offer some tweaks and save you some money.

The easy answer (but not always best answer) is to do Starting Strength or Bill Starr. These are good programs that will work what you mentioned.

Hey buddy,
First off you gotta tell us what you are training for (competitive sports, just to get big…) and your training experience. On top of that are you referring to 5/3/1 as the sets and reps or the tempo your doing while lifting? Give me some of that info and I’ll give you some advice on top of that go through some of Christian Thibs articles I think he has some called weightlifting for newbies that would be great to read, even if you dont think your a newbie they will be good to read.

5/3/1 is a program by Jim Wendler

Yeah, 5/3/1 by Wendler… I had just read about it so I was curious.

This is what I’m currently doing, I put it together myself.

My goals are just to get my lift maxes up (my squat is embarresingly small). The lifts I want to work on the most are Bench, Squat, Clean. I would also like if possible to raise my DL and OH Press.

I weigh 170, and I’m not worried about getting bigger.

I play rugby during the school year and MMA over summer. So I do cardio seperatly on off days.

I like hard programs, that allow me to work out preferably 4 days a week or more. But 3 is fine. And like I said anything that will get me stronger fast I’m happy to try.

Thanks a lot!

Bill Starr’s 5X5 is a good choice. If you want to really bring up your deadlift, google the Ed Coan/Philipi Deadlift routine.
You can also google Joe Defranco’s Westside for Skinny Bastards III and it has a 3 and 4 day template.

Funny thing is, if you talked to Jim Wendler he’d probably advise you buy Starting Strength. I’d give my recomendations to it as well.

I am doing the 5/3/1 program right now and I would personally recommend it. I am on the younger side like you and I think it works alot
better for me than any of the 5x5 programs I have done. I have been gaining strength steadily.

Thats the point with Wendler’s program. You cant expect to make rapid newbie strength gains, just slow solid gains. It focuses on the long term as opposed to alot of these 4 week programs that people follow.

just my 2 cents

Okay, I’ll look into Starting Strength.

Could someone explain 5/3/1 to me? Seeing that I can’t purchase any books until I go home for christmas. Thanks

[quote]Foenix wrote:
Okay, I’ll look into Starting Strength.

Could someone explain 5/3/1 to me? Seeing that I can’t purchase any books until I go home for christmas. Thanks[/quote]


Dont be lazy…its written all over the internet…even on this website…take a look into this section!!!

You obviously haven’t read Kuz’s, thread it has links to articles with it all laid out