Strength/Power with short offseason

Coach Thib,
This has to do with a strength/power block that you mentioned a while back that you used for athletes with a short offseason.

In this case, I have a college baseball athlete that has an excellent shot at being drafted. However, he has just been cleared to lift/run again after tearing his meniscus (after 6 mos. of no activity). He has gained fat, lost muscle and is a good step slower (4.41 to a 4.6). He has NEVER been on an organized strength training program (seriously) and has never trained the posterior chain correctly.

If im correct, the block you suggested for an athlete with a short offseason consisted of:

40% Strength
40% Power
10% Hypertrophy
10% Speed/agility

Is this still what you use or have you changed things up a bit since that time?

I also have a question about the 400m and interval sprints…this athlete has gained a substantial amt. of bodyfat since being layed up and has a short time to lose as much as possible. I plan to use a mixture of 400s and Interval sprints, using one of the methods 3 times a week. Is this too much when training with a strength/power block such as the one outlined above?

One last question, as far as the knee tears, he has a history of knee injuries. What would YOU do in bringing up the strength in this athlete’s knees?

This kid has awesome skills, its just a matter of strength and conditioning for him. We plan to use basic compound lifts, oly lifts and of course work on trunk rotation and rotator cuff strength and mobility.

Thanks a million, Coach. Hopefully one day I’ll know HALF as much as you!

I forgot to mention that this is his pre-season and practice for him starts in one month on Jan. 16. Thanks, coach.