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Strength & Power Program Advice

I’m trying to pick out some programs from T-Nation to use for power and strength building and wanted some advice from you guys.

So far I was thinking of using the OLAD and then trying to come up with my own program using the “Program Design 101” article and CT’s “Different Destinations, Different Journeys” as guidelines. I’d cycle those programs and possibly throw in the Meltdown II program in there every once in awhile.

Would that be effective? Are there any other programs on here that would work better? There’s so much stuff on this site it’s hard to digest it all.

I know you’re in the beginner’s fourm, but I need to know how much training experience you have. If you know how to perform the OLs thats a great start.

Als, what type of equipment do you have access to (bumper plates, boxes, med balls, Xvest, etc.) What are your goals, performance goals (i.e. increase vertical leap for basketball) or pruely numbers (snatch and clean total), etc. What is your age, past medical history (relevent injuries), etc.

I’ve been lifting on and off for about 6 years. I got some coaching on the OL’s and can do power snatches and power cleans pretty well.

As far as equipment the Y I’ve been using lately has no bumper plates, no boxes and some light medicine balls. They do have those aerobic stepper blocks though, which I think can work well as a subsitute for box squats.

Goal-wise, I’m more interested in performance though being able to clean a few hundred pounds would be cool. I’m 26 and besides a few muscle strains and a funky tendon I’m pretty healthy.