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Strength, Power, Endurance


The three components of muscle fitness are: muscular strength, muscular power, and muscular endurance.

Ok, here's my story: I was tired of workout programs that specialized for one muscle fitness element, but left the others dead in the water.

5x5 was the best thing I ever did for strength, but my muscular endurance suffered, and power wasn't being developed to the maximal potential.

Olympic lifts were great fun, but they still left out the endurance and strength elements.

And of course, endurance training is great for mass, but your strength/power aren't maximized, and it's just too boring to do every day.

So I came up with the following program (it will be posted in the next message). It's the first program I ever put together from scratch. Any suggestions are welcome.


Day 1 - Strength Day - No Cardio

A1) (3x5) Bench Press (10X0)
A2) (3x5) Dumbell Curls (10X0)

B1) (3x5) Power Squats (10X0)
B2) (3x5) Weighted Dips (10X0)

C1) (2x10) Dumbell Crunches on Swiss Ball (20X1)
C2) (2x10) Half-Dragons (3020)

Day 2 - Power Day + 400m Sprints (4x, 90s RI)

A1) (3x5) Power Cleans (X0X0)
A2) (3x5) Weighted Dips (X0X0)
A3) (2xMax) Narrow-Grip Chins (X0X0)

B1) (3x6) Seated Cable Rows (10X0)
B2) (3x10) Ballistic Bench-Press (X0X0)

C) (4x60s) Rope Skipping, 120s RI

Day 3 - Endurance/Mass Day 1 + Morning Run 40min + Carb-Up

A1) (3x10) Ass-To-The-Grass Squats (3011)
A2) (3x10) Bench Press (3011)

B1) (3x10) Weighted Back Extensions (3010)
B2) (3x8) Seated Cable Rows To The Neck (3010)

C1) (3x10) Dumbell Curls (3011)
C2) (3x8) Leaning Side Dumbell Lifts (3010)

D1) (3x10) Two-Dumbell Raises Behind Head (3010)

H1) (2xMax) Speed Crunches to Failure (X)
H2) (2xMax) Swiss Ball Twisting Crunches to Failure (X)

Day 4 - Morning Cardio


I designed this program primarily for fat loss, but it could be adapted for anything, through manipulation of the sets/reps.

The body will adapt to the same type of training over time. This program will hopefully delay the adaptation for a long time.

3x5 is great for increasing your maximum lifts, hence it was chosen for the max strength day.

The power day is essentialy moving your whole body through space as fast as possible, so it's great fun and the sprints will help your body comp.

The endurance day will build muscle mass. This is the highest volume workout, but you get a break directly after it, and is ideal for a carb-up. Since it's every 4 days, the carb-up should be limited to about 200-300g if you're trying to lose weight. Remember that you get a day of rest after this.

I've been doing this for two weeks. It seemed like a bit too much volume, so I tried it for 2 weeks just to make sure the volume's right and that I won't overtrain. I didn't.

Anyways, I'd like to get some feedback from you guys.


Ahhh I see your thinking. Very nice. I just posted my goals in the T/N King thread and something like this is really cool for that. I have yet to work some of those exercises in though, but I'll give it a whirl...

Keep us up on your results w it.