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Strength Plan Critique

I am 28yrs old; 5 10; 205lbs. I have been working out intermitently for the last 8 years, but consistently for the last 2 months. I have good recovery and am currently using Berardi’s nutrition plan. I want to increase strength primarily, and get the added reward of a little size. I work out at 5am during the week and 7am on Saturdays.

session A
5x5 90 sec rest interval
1a DB flat bench current 70lbs
1b Row current 150lbs
2a db Incline current 60lbs
2b Pull downs current 140lbs
3a db decline or flies 60lbs
3b barbell rows current 135lbs

session B
5x5 90 sec rest interval
1a barbell back squat 205lbs
1b db shoulder press current 50lbs
2 Calf Raises current 200lbs
3 leg extension current 70lbs per leg
4 leg curl current 110lbs
5a deadlift current 275lbs
5b lateral and front raises 20lbs

A, B, day off, repeat

There are times I end up doing A having a day off, then doing B, but generally as listed above. I do not train on Sunday, so I generally try to do a full body on Saturday, depending on how my workouts have fallen. I do some ab stuff (planks, leg raises…), and do 15 minutes of cardio after workouts.

Should I be splitting this up differently? Different periodization? Rest intervals? change set to rep range? Exchange lifts, Add lifts, delete lifts. I have tried to follow Thib principals for the most part. I definitely need to get my numbers up. Any input would be appreciated.

Some suggestions…
-Lose the leg curls and leg extensions for now
-Do squats and deadlifts on different days
-Your deadlift and squat numbers are very poor. Make them a priority

Set/rep scheme of 5x5 is a good choice, but I would find a way to fit dips and barbell pressing movements into your sessions.

If you want to do an upper/lower split, I suggest you check out WS4SB III. I think you would make better strength and size gains with it than the current program you have.

westside looks good, but I do not have access to boxes and really don’t see a stand-in. thoughts? I know I need to get my squats and deads up, as far as that goes everything else. I was looking at trying Ripptoe program for those, but wanted to get those motions down.

I have been doing hack squats, what a waste of time after doing actual squats. Is doing barbell press actually that much better than dbs? I work out alone so the dbs allow me to go heavier.
Thanks for the information.

Put deadlifts in the pairing right after squats. Otherwise, you might now have enough energy to give them your all.

I suggest jumping into rippetoe’s immediately though.

I think dumpbells keep you from going heavier. They’re harder to get into position, and usually your two-arm strength is greater than your one-arm strength x2. So I think you can do greater load.