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Strength Performance and Body Weight

hey guys. i have been cutting lately and have gotten to a weight i would like because i wana compete in the under 205 class this year in new Zealand. i am currently half a kilo under that weight and i would like to remain this weight and look or possibly continue getting leaner. i will be doing 3-4 days a week strictly strength specific training.

anyone have any ideas of how to go about this? the major thing is i will be at uni and need to focus and concentrate. i will get my body fat done next week and adjust my calorie intake based on that. basically i was thinking of going no carbs til post work out and cycle carbs any ideas fellas ?

It sounds to me like you could pretty much just choose a program and run it. 531, 5x5, 3x3, WSB, they can all be done with 3 days a week.

lol i wasnt asking about programing bro.i was seeing if anyone hadbeen in the same postion as im in atm ?