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Strength Over the Hill

I thought I would start a thread to recognise some of the older lifters in strength sports, and to encourage everyone to post stories, photos or videos of older strength athletes that have influenced you or shown you that you can indeed get stronger when you’re well over the hill.

One of my favorite strength athletes is a Canadian powerlifter by the name of Joe Stockinger, if anyone has met him the man just pulsates energy, way more then most guys his age.

Joe is a 78 year old lifter in the 67.5kg weight class, he lifts as a Master 4 in the CPU/IPF. He’s also a Class 1 IPF ref and routinely refs and competes at Canadian Nationals.

I’ve had the chance to lift and run meets with Joe on numerous occasions and he has become quite an inspiration to me. At the 2007 CPU Nationals in Halifax, Joe went 147.5-97.5-205…the deadlift a M4 WR was done with two artifical hips. Talking to Joe earlier this month he told me he expected a 210kg deadlift this April at Nationals!, I’ll be sure to get that one on video as well.

Here’s video of his 205/451lb pull.

Mike Bridges anyone??

On a more personal level I know a 46 or 47 year old 100kg lifter who keeps getting stronger with every competition. Most recently totalling 810kg in single ply gear and life time drug free.