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Strength or Size?


Here's a damned interesting tip:


Interesting. Would be interesting to test out.


"After resting approximately ten minutes add 10% to the bar and perform a 4 second eccentric or negative (hence the slower tempo above). The spotter should lift the bar and assist in racking it with as little effort on your part as possible.

Rest approximately 1-2 minutes and then add the same weight (the original 10%) to the bar. Repeat as above."

That doesn't sound like a good idea at all! A spotter is going to cold lift a 1RM? Multiple times? Unless of course your 1RM is VERY light or you work out with multiple people, this doesn't seem like a feasible idea.


Whenever I've done super-max eccentrics or isometrics, I always just set the pins up and just sit it down when I'm done with it. Unloading all the weight, putting the bar back up and re-loading the weight gives you something to do while you're resting.


Kelly bagget has written something similier, but his magic number was 25% instead of 30


Maybe I'm just not getting it, but if you go to failure on a negative bench or squat and are using full ROM, you aren't going to be able to get out of the finish position. You would somehow have to lift the bar to your pin position. If the weight you are using is your true 1RM and now you are doing negatives, how would you get your bar up to the pin without lifting it?

I would imagine you would have to have someone lift it for you, which would bring me back to my first comment.


Just do it in a power rack... you don't have to lift it up to the pins, you just drop it. If you're benching, you'd have an arch anyway, so set it so that when you are arching your chest is above the bar and when you stop arching, your chest is below the bar. For these purposes, if you go an inch or two short of full ROM, that's fine.


Power Rack- Roll it off my shoulders? No thanks.

Bench - I don't arch and me feet are on the bench.

Thanks for the tips, but I think I'll pass.