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Strength or Hypertrophy

Hey T-Folk!

I’ve read a few conflicting ideas on which is better during a cutting phase. Strength training, or hypertrophy training. It seems that I read in one of Chris Shugart’s articles that strength training is pointless during a cutting phase. Then in Berardi’s latest article, I read that strength training is the way to go. If someone could clear this up for me, I’d really appreciate it.

There has been several threads on this recently. A strength based program while on a cutting cycle, is not intended to so much to “increase or build” strength per say, but to preserve lean mass and prevent atrophy or strength loss while cutting fat mass. Hypertrophy based programs while on a low calorie diet doesn’t supply enough energy for recovery and can become catabolic and lead to overtraining. Heavy weight, low rep strength program preserves strength and LBM while not causing inroads to recovery like a volume program due to energy deficit of low calorie diet.

Read the Don Alessi thread that I just bumped up to gain some real knowledge and insight about this issue.