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Strength Only Cycle


I am a strength athlete who has no interest in gaining weight. I have a few cycle under my belt but they usually end up in weight gain, I haven’t cycled for a year to lose weight and I am trying to design a cycle which will result in only strength gain.

My former cycles were usually 400mg Test, 300mg EQ for 8-12 weeks with a dbol frontload, pretty basic. I have also used 300mg prop/300mg tren.

A friend has designed the following cycle for me, please let me know if it is too light or too heavy (ie not enough drugs to facilitate strength/recovery increase, or too much resulting in weight gain).

The length is between 6-8 weeks (I often cut tren cycles short…)


125mg Test Prop
250mg Tren Acetate
125mg Masteron


35mg Anavar



Let me know what you think. I know its a light cycle, and the test is very low, but I really blow up on test I am trying to take just slightly more than natural levels. Also keep in mind I am not huge; I am 6 feet, 200 pounds, 6-7 percent BF. I am attempting to keep weight under 205.



  1. You dont need test.

  2. Low doses dont mean more strength and less weight increases.

The drugs that will increase strength the most with no aromatisation - thus zero water gain - are:

Drostanolone (Masterons)
Oxandrolone (Anavar)
Fluoxymesterone (Halo)

I would do the following for massive strength and massive aggression with zero bloat and minimal gains with low/maintenance calories:

Wk1-6 Masteron Propionate 50mg/d
Wk1-6 Trenbolone Ace 50mg/d
Wk1-6 Halotestin 20-30mg/d

This will be a stack that - if i took it - would end up with my doing PCT in prison for mass murder…! Big aggression… the biggest i would hazard a guess… massive strength and as i said, if calories are controlled and not in excess - little to no weight gain.

I have used none of the compounds and cannot say anything on them other than what i know as the basics of effect known to us all. I know enough about AAS use to suggest sample cycles that are goal specific and safe in relation to considered risks assuming a baseline health of the user. What this means is it is your responsibility to make sure your liver can handle halo. it is your responsibility to make sure your mind can handle the three… etc, etc. You know?

Brook :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice…

About Halo;

I don’t have the means to get Halo, nor am I really interested in it. I don’t want to risk the liver damage, and I have var on hand which I would like to have be my only oral to keep it at one {lighter} source of liver damage.

Also I have done a Tren only cycle and I did end up with massive strength gain from only 75 mg 3x per week, a total of 200mg Tren Ace per week.

Although 200mg what is considered a low dose by most bbers I found that I had to cut the cycle short due to sides that I believe were from the test shutdown. I had zero libido and found myself slightly depressed which doesn’t go well with the kind of training I do (sprinting and weights).

When I use test I find my mood and training are through the roof but I blow up. This is why I want to add some test, because I would like to try and get about 8-10 weeks on Tren which I don’t think I can handle without some test…

I guess what I am asking is how much test? How much Test is necessary to get me through my Tren cycle (added gains from the Test would be an awesome bonus) without making me gain weight?

I would like to run this cycle for 10 weeks,
Some other options are:

10 Weeks at

20mg Anavar
200mg Tren Ace
100mg Test Prop
100mg Masteron Prop

(The injections would be three times per week, which is about as often as I like to inject, with my sprint training I can’t shoot quads without some problems, so it would be 3x of 33mg test and mast and 66mg Tren Ace.)

Another option is

10 weeks:

200mg Tren

Week 1-6 40 mg vVar

Week 3-8

125 mg Test Prop and Masteron Prop.

The idea behind this is the test shutdown doesn’t bother me until week 5 or 6 so I won’t start with test until week 3…

Basically I have the following compounds:

2 grams Tren Acetate
1 gram Test Prop
1 gram Masteron Prop
1.5 grams Anavar (10 mg Tabs)

My task is to design for myself the best cycle I can for my goals of strength increase without too much weight gain. Any help anyone can give is appreciated…

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I know most people on this forum do not recommend using prohormones, but…
I did a cycle with SUS500 and my strengths went through the roof. It was pretty dry (maybe a little bloat) and my weight did not go up much. My libido did shut down after about 2-3 weeks and I got a little “edgy”, but not too bad.