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Strength On Limited Time


OK, I'm gonna do this thing. Good way to keep track of what I'm doing and what I've done(hopefully).

Current situation: Married w/5 kids NB thru 7 years old. I lift at home, alone.
Age: 30
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 158lbs
Bodyfat: Not much

Goal: Get Stronger.

Always been skinny/slender. Lifted in fits and starts for the past 3 years. Started at 140, now at 158. My employer started a health initiative at work so I did 5/3/1B BBB for 8 weeks and got a discount on my health premiums(And got stronger!). Also rewarded myself with a decent Barbell and plate set. First entry to follow... baby's crying.


After my 5/3/1 cycles my daughter was born, then I was hit with a virus throat/sinus/respiratory thingy that really stunk and took me out for 2 weeks. In that time I read some stuff from Matt Kroc and decided to give his Bench and Deadlift stuff a try. Due to other commitments and my wife getting back into training I've cut my training time back to twice per week. I plan to work sprints and hills in as often as time permits.

Bench Press(week2):5x8 @ 85lbs(sad I know but a year ago I couldn't go 90lbs for 1x10)
OH Press: 5x5 @ 70lbs(again sad but when I started 5/3/1 I couldn't get 50Lbs for 8)
Dips: 5x5 @ BW

Sidenote on the dips: I was doing bench dips(always felt kinda sissy but it's all I had equipment for). Then a few weekends ago I scored a walker with adjustable legs on the take-or-leave pile at the local dump! Took it home, washed it up, and it works great! So this is the first chance I've had to do real vertical dips. Very happy.

Chinups(underhand): 10x2 @ bw
Trying Charles Poloquin's method to up my chinning ability. Ideally this will go between Deads and Rows.

Deadlift: 125lbs x 8
150lbs x 8
175lbs x 8
200lbs x 8
Kroc Rows:45lbs x 25



Bench Press:
5x5 @ 90lbs

Overhead Press
5x5 @ 75lbs

bw x 8
bw x 7
bw x 5

Was feeling pretty gassed by the time I got to the dips. Rest periods for Bench and Press were 2-3 minutes. I think I need to rest a little longer between exercises perhaps. Bench felt good, concentrated on form(gripping and pulling the bar apart, traps into the bench, staying tight, leg drive... etc). Weight went up for OH press. Struggled the last two sets but got the reps!


Got up early, everyone was still asleep and I had some time on my hands so I thought I'd hit a body weight circuit and go for 5 rounds. After round two the baby woke up and I decided to let my wife sleep in... here's what I did.

Everything was done with a slow negative and an explosive positive.

Squats x 10 (heels on a 2x4, no lockout)
Push-ups x 10
Close Grip underhand chins x 5
Faux Hand-stand push-ups x 10 (feet on a bench, bent 90 degrees at the hips)
1 min rest

Got through it twice and was huffing pretty good(need more conditioning work) The squat/push/pull/press seemed to work well.