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Strength of Samson

Don’t know if this was ever talked about on this site. But I was thumbing through some old catalogs at home and found a catalog with a book, Strength of Samson, going for like 15 + 5 S&h. Is it an entertaining read, good resource for a different view of training, or just a complete waste of $20. I mean for $20 that’s cheap.

thank you

rofl…48 views! No answer…I take it there are many besides me who are curious as well.

Actually, i have this book (I collect odd books) but I haven’t read it yet. I’m guessing that it will contain a lot of biblical references and advise against eating pork & shellfish. If I do get to reading it any time soon I could give you a review.

Just as an aside eating pork isn’t just a biblical concept. many physical culturists avoid the meat because it is plagued with parasites. No matter how the meat is cleaned and handled or cooked-the parasites don’t leave the meat. I 've had hog farmers tell me this. THey usually don’t eat pork either. they just raise them because its good money. Legendary strongman George Jowett advised against eating pork. Sorry I don’t know anything about the book in question though. If its an old classic its bound to have something of value. maybe amazon would be cheaper.

thank you for the responses. awesome someone actually has the book. i know it’s not that expensive, but i still try to save a buck or two. i guess i’ll see if it a good read.

thanks again