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Strength Not Increasing


how long does it take for strength to go up while on testosterone replacement? ive been on for almost 12 weeks but no increase.


You probably will not notice an increase in strength per se, but you should notice better recovery from hard workouts, and more energy overall. Strength increases come from lifting heavy (progressive overload) and diet.


is it possible to gain strength without a caloric surplus? i have some fat around my mid section im trying to lose so im in a small caloric deficit.


Yes, it can be done but it is difficult. It also is dependent on the amount protein you are eating and the amount of test you are on.

When I first started on HRT, a little over 3 months ago I was on, 200mg/week. In the first 2 weeks I saw a nice increase in strength and no weight loss. It turns out I traded fat for muscle. After that, things stopped changing as fast.

How much test are you on? Keep in mind that by bodybuilding standards, even that is low. They commonly take over 500mg/week when on cycle. If you are only taking the standard TRT does of 100mg, you will need to really work at it. You need to eat right and eat a lot of protein.

I am back to gaining muscle and losing fat and it took increasing protein to around 200g/day. I am also on 160mg/wk of test and hCG. I burn about 2500 calories/day and take in 2000-2500. Seems to be working at the moment.


im only on 100mg a week, 250 iu hcg twice a week and 1mg adex a week. my levels are around 1000 ng/dl on a 240-800ng/dl scale. i feel really good so my dr hasent chnged anything. guess i just have to keep pugging away.


The easiest approach is to lose the fat first by proper diet while lifting hard to maintain muscle. Then concentrate on strength/size. No need for AAS doses of test to accomplish this at all. Do a search for more info on cutting/bulking.


Not all bodybuilders use 500mg/week of test to achieve their results. Most important is diet and training. There are plenty of natty BBers who are pretty big and strong. High levels of test only help once all other methods are exhausted (i.e. your diet and training are spot on, and you have been training enough years to have maxed out your natural gains).

So you are gaining muscle on a caloric deficit? This is only possible if you are relatively new to lifting. Most will not be able to accomplish this for long.


Agreed. That is why I said "commonly use". Some use less and many use none. But it isn't uncommon to find them using 500mg+/wk. I made this comment to emphasize that just because one is taking 100mg of test that doesn't mean they have huge loading like some bodybuilders do.

I have been weight training for many years, but mainly to stay in shape. Just benched 380 for 3 reps after two other lower sets of 8 at 280 and 340. Never tried a 1 rep max but I am gaining again and have been for a few weeks now. I'd guess my bench has nearly doubled in 3 months.

I have tried to intake over 3000 calories of quality food daily and it is very difficult. I focus now mainly on protein and less on total calories. My plan seems to work for me but my goal isn't to be any bigger really. I want to fill out all over and to keep losing the remaining fat. They key, as we both have said, is diet and training. YMMV


This is only true if you are actually fat as hell and running risk of health problems at your current weight.

I see too many 160 pound twinks with a little belly flub and twig arms worrying about getting hawt abz and can't even do a pullup or BW squat...those guys need to just fucking lift and let the pieces fall into place.


You are 54, 175 pounds and claim a 2x+ BW bench for reps? Interesting...I didn't realize we had national champions here on our board.

3000 calories isn't all that much dude.