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Strength + Mass Hybrid Plan

Hi, after mainly have been focusing on strength for the last year, I’m looking to add some serious mass the next couple of months, and i wonder what u think of this program, I don’t follow specific rep schemes, but I do like the 5-4-3-2-1 or ramping up to 1-3 rep max of the day for strength. For volume I’m thinking just go with sets of 8-12 for start.
My goal is become as strong as possible on selected main lifts, and add some lean mass.

29 YO
100kg ish (maybe 20% bodyfat)

Main Workouts:

Workout 1)
Main - Barbell Deadlifts
Secondary - FrontSquat variation

Workout 2)
Main - Weighted Dips*
Secondary - ShoulderPress variation

Workout 3)
Main - Weighted Pullups*
Secondary - Row variation

Workout 4)
Main - Barbell Squats
Secondary - RomanianDeadlift variation

Workout 5
Main - Dumbbell Clean&Press
(Hang PowerClean & PushPress)
Secondary - CrucifixHolds

• Strength work with sets of 1-5 reps on the
main exercises. Start light, and ramp your
way up to heavy weights.
• Volume work with sets of 6+ reps on the
secondary exercises.

  • Do one max reps set with bodyweight.
    • The variations for the secondary exercises
    can be performed with barbell, dumbbells,
    machines or smith machine.
    • Take days off when needed.

Alternative Workouts:

Pull Workout)

  • Bodyweight Pullups
  • Row variation

Push Workout)

  • Bodyweight Dips
  • ShoulderPress variation

Leg Workout)

  • FrontSquat variation
  • RomanianDeadlift variation

Full Body Dumbbells Workout)

  • Dumbbell FrontSquats
  • Dumbbell RomanianDeadlifts
  • Dumbbell Rows
  • Dumbbell ShoulderPress

• Volume work with sets of 6+ reps.
• To be done on days when you don’t want
to go heavy, or if equipment is limited.
• All of the above exercises can seperatly
be done as mini “feeder” workouts for
double stimulation training.