Strength Maintenance, Conditioning Focus

What template(s) do you like to run when focusing on conditioning? After I finish my current Krypteia run in about 9 weeks, I’d like to shift gears and focus more on conditioning while keeping the mass I am gaining. I was thinking maybe Full Body 1000% Awesome, or just running a “generic” 5’s Pro, 5x5 FSL 3x a week for bench, squat, and dead with 25-50 reps of assistance on dips, chins, and core.

1000% Awesome kicked ass for me in the exact same circumstance. Highly recommended.

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After completing 6 months of 531 + BBB, i was able to maintain my strength during while cutting by sticking to the below program. Its not a templet, but i found it worked great for me.

Example Bench: Max 365

Set 1: (45%) 165lbx5
Set 2: (55%) 200lbx5
Set 3: (65%) 235lbx5
Set 4: (75%) 275x5+
Set 5: (BBB 50-60%) 225X10+
Set 5: (BBB 50-60%) 225X10+

I follow this layout every week and try to add that extra rep on that 5+ set.

This allowed me to get some good working sets in without building to much fatigue. Also the BBB sets are great for hypotrophy. I followed this program on bench, squat, DL while cutting calories and losing 10lb, and after 8 weeks i tested my strength with a previous 3 rep max and it was still there/the same. Along with this i do another 4 bodybuilding style exercises that focus on hypotrophy.

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Bastardized 531, but for conditioning this is king…

Otherwise, do a 2 day template and then 2 hard days conditioning, something like these…


I ran his Simple Summer Shred last year. It was tough, this looks even tougher!!

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