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Strength Loss AFTER Dieting


I just came off of the Velocity Diet on April 8th and have incorporated more solid foods into my diet this week. Many people says not to expect any new PRs while being on the Velocity Diet, but I was setting new PRs every week while being on the diet..

Now that I'm off the diet and eating more carbs, I would assume it would aid in recovery and also add to my strength in the workouts. On the contrary, I've been missing all my lifts when I get anywhere near 90% of the max I've established the previous week. Why is this?

Before going on the Velocity Diet, I mainly stayed in the 5-6 rep range (mostly doing 5x5's) for my lifts. While being on the Velocity Diet, I moved my workout scheme to 10x3's to minimize glycogen expenditure and maximize weight. Would this have affected my gain in strength, and subsequent loss? I'm still doing 10x3's currently as I'm continuing to cut. albeit at a slower planned pace.

Is it possible that I'm over-training? I don't ever recall over-training so I don't know exactly what that feels like. But, I don't want to wimp out and just blame it on over-training. I was doing a lot of near-maximal work, but still, it was only for 4 weeks. How much can a body take?


well you werent eating hardly anything on the Velocity Diet and you were doing near maximal work so I would say probably over training.

take note of how you feel, head feel stuffy? runny nose? slight headache? sore throat? Any sighns of being run down? Hows your sleep are you wakeing up alot?

Some times its hard to notice because its a gradual change but if you sit down and think it through you can usualy identify if your over training.


This is why the Westside guys change around their ME lifts so often. You will get burnout if you keep maxing on the same lifts every week.

Either change the lifts every couple of weeks like the Westsiders do, use a standard periodization model like Ed Coan, or forget about maxes altogether, if you are lifting for appearance purposes. If the latter, but you still have an interest in strength, you could do bodybuilding style workouts for 3 months, then a powerlifting peaking program for the next 3 months, then repeat.


I actually don't feel so bad in general. I was really lethargic after my morning walk last Friday, but other than that, the whole week was fine.

It was suggested to me that I work more on my PWO meal to get more starchy carbs in to fill my muscle glycogen levels. I'll see if better nutrition would help me this week.

Yes, I realize that doing ME work week after week is probably not a good idea. However, what else should I do during a cutting diet? I need to maintain my muscle mass while working with a caloric deficit, so I don't think dropping weight to do more DE-type work would be beneficial.

Any suggestions on the type of workout to do on being on a cutting diet for a longer duration than one month?


Yes, try Waterbury's 10x3 for fat loss. You will be lifting 10x3 @ 75%1RM. Does this sound as though it might suit?

Check out this thread for one person's experience with 10x3:


Ahh, 10x3 at 75%1RM! Since it was 10x3, I took it as near max in terms of weights. That's why I was doing maximal weights all this time. And to think, I actually set some PRs while I was on the diet. :slightly_smiling: