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Strength Loss/ABBH


Hey everyone

In my last post, I explained how I was experitmenting w/ higher frequency of strength work.

In about 2-3 weeks, I put on 15-20 pounds on my bench press. After that I felt drained, so I took 2-3 days off.

Well when i came back, I failed at my previous record. Which is bull.
I want to put muscle mass on now, but also add to my strength.

So I'm deciding to follow CW's ABBH, but with a strength workout prior to the real thing.

Whatcha guys think?


Chad has previously recommended SFM followed by ABBH. Sounds like a good plan to me.


you failed at your previous record so maybe your overtrained



I am unclear what you mean:

If you're saying that you got a new PR, then took 2-3 days off and tried to max and failed, it doesn't mean you lost that strength in 2-3 days. The 2-3 days had nothing to do with it, maybe you didn't warm up as well or you tried again too soon.

Second, if you mean you're going to do a month of strength training (like Strength-Focused Mesocycle) and THEN do the 6-week ABBH program, that sounds good.

If you mean you're going to do a "strength workout" then do the ABBH workout on the same day, it sounds like a bad idea.

Hope I've been clear


What's SFM?


I think you need to taylor any of the training programs here to suit your own needs. Follow the basic template but make adjustments as needed (i.e, less, more, etc.). Also, don't max too often. Be patient.


Strength-focused mesocycle.