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Strength Loading for Bobsledding

Can someone please explain concentrated loading and its use for bobsledding?

With concentrated strenght loading we mean a period of time were most of the training is geared towards strenght increase ( see Verchoshansky’s works)

A strenght block can be followed by ane xplosive block or realization.
In bobsled you have a long off season, but cna be used a couple of time ( ex 1 month of aa, 1 strenght, 1 explo/realization, repeat all the thing…)
btw, do you compete in bobsledding?

I think the guy to go to on this would be Martin Rooney–he was on the national bobledding team in his years as a competitive athlete (and is a fucking genius). He answers questions in the Q&A section of Elitefts.com.