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Strength Lifting Meets?


the no sumo is the best thing about this


If you don’t like sumo then just don’t pull sumo. And if you think its cheating then start pulling sumo and show everyone how easy it is.


Life is not fair. Some people have genetic advantages (long arms, short thighs, open hips, etc.). Go about your business, do the best you can and stop trying to make everyone equal.

Complaining about sumo, arching, etc. is a fucking LOSERS mentality.


Agreed on that! I feel Mark R. has a vendetta against sumo deadlifts.

I think almost all can conventional deadlift with a good back position. However, many will have to open the hips and almost be in a snatch grip position to do it (like Brian Shaw). For these people the range of motion is huge, and moving to sumo gives a range of motion they can be competitive with.


Absolutely agree. They need to get rid of the max grip width rule on bench too. Let people go as wide as they want.


The sarcasm is strong with that post! :slight_smile:


I think it is pretty cool how strength lifting meets are to see who has the most strength and powerlifting meets are to see who is the most powerful.

How should I train if I want to increase strength but not get too powerful?


Take longer and longer rests between sets.


That’s what I’ve been doing. It’s been several months since my last set. Don’t want to overtrain power. Pure strength baby!


No sarcasm at all. I honestly can’t understand allowing one but not the other.


It sounds silly when you put it like that.


Here are some ideas to satisfy the internet sumo/atg/arch police.

  1. Make sure arm length is equal - shorten some and rack others.
  2. Either everyone benches flat or we force bend everyone’s back to arch
  3. Can’t ATG, no problem - we put enough weight to force them down.


The problem with that is some people will have literally zero ROM on their bench. Look at someone like Eddie Berglund who already has a massive arch and only moves the bar a couple inches. If he was gripping the bar at the collars then it wouldn’t even move. He would get a liftoff and the bar would be right on his chest, he would just hold it there for a few seconds while the judge says “start, press, rack”, and the only movement would be from the rack to his chest and back. I’m all for maximizing leverages within the rules, but if it gets to the point that you don’t actually move the bar then it becomes absurd.


Board press and deficit deadlifts for people with long arms, short arms use a cambered bar and block pulls. Participation trophies for all.


I’ve seen some sumo pulls that are pretty obscene that way too.

Guy just needs a longer bar. I think we can get on this if we try gentlemen.


Well, with the number of federations, we pretty much buy a trophy with the entry fee. So we’re halfway to your solution already.


I don’t know if you can call that standing erect. They will have to make a rule that feet have to be flat on the ground.

If I didn’t know better I would say you sound like an IPF snob.


Oh boy; more rules!


Going off of pwn’s point, doesn’t a midget hold a squat record somewhere or am I delusional?



The difference here is that he actually moved it. If you could grip the bar at the collars then Eddie Berglund’s bench press wouldn’t actually move.