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Strength Levels- What to Expect Throughout the Year (Fluctuate)

Hello Christian
I have a quick question on strength levels. Is it accurate to understand that your personal strength levels will fluctuate throughout the year depending on where you are situated within a program.

For instance, I just completed a program (12 weeks) where my bench press finished peaking at a 3RM for 120kg (smooth). But coming back after a few weeks off to refresh and feeling great, starting a new program I could only get 112.5kg for 3 reps (not smooth). Thats only 2 weeks later.


  1. Is the idea that strength gains will wave throughout the year, for instance, at the start of a program you will not continue off from your previous peak weight, but rather, you start conservative at the beginning and if everything goes right, you build up your strength levels throughout the program and by the end, you eventually pass your previous peak number and set new PR’s?

So yes, your strength levels will increase and decrease throughout the year, but looking at it largely, year by year, your overall strength levels do increase.

Thank you,