Strength is Life, for the Strong have the Right to Rule

Before my injury my lifts were as followed:
Squat - 425lb
Bench - 285lb
After getting into a bad car accident a few weeks after my 18th birthday, I was in a boot for 6 months and had physical therapy for my shoulder because of severe nerve damage. It was a real life changer. Started hanging out with losers, hitting the drug scene, and not really caring. Few weeks ago that really changed, just woke up and said “hey, what the fuck are you doing with your life?”. That same day I applied to college and got back into working out.

Anyways my goal is for right now to hit my previous numbers and eventually pass them. Doing a log here as a way to ensure I keep my word.

Age - 19
Height - 5’10

OH Pressed 135lb 3 sets of 3, then lowered to 115lb 3 sets of 6.

After doing 4 sets of 8 pulls up, I moved to deadlifting. Was a little cautious because it’s my first time lifting heavy in awhile. Decided to do wave ladders because I had a lot of success with those before.
Warmed up to 275 then my “waves” went to “one rep (first set), two reps (second set), three reps (third set)” and that is one “wave”. I was able to hit waves with 275, 295, 315, 345, and then I failed to hit my second set on 365, so I tapped out there.

Knocked out some leg presses and called it a day.

Felt good to put in real work again.

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Very motivating and I appreciate you giving that background of your life. I’m sure being injured like that would be depressing but you turned it into a positive. I look forward to reading more of your log!

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Did some cardio today - 50 double unders then push up till failure immediately after x5. Was gonna do core today because I’ve been severely neglecting but…I neglected them once again. Maybe tomorrow.


Amount of sleep night before: 4 hours
Pre-nutrition: Cup of black coffee - protein bar
Peri-nutrition: Gatorade w/ BCAAs

Squats: After warming up…
.185 2 sets of 5
205 2 sets of 3
225 1 set of 3
245 5 sets of 3
275 2 sets of 1
Pull up 6x6
Incline DB Bench: 3x10 55lb
Leverage Row: 4x8 45lb (was planning on doing heavier but lats still sore from deadlifting)
E-Z Bar Curl: 3x15 50lb
Leg press 100 reps

Post nutrition: I’ll make a few eggs in a bit. No protein powder right now,

Comments: Impressed myself on the squats. Felt extremely light but I made a decision to not push myself since I’m still easing my way back into working out. Neglected core again (oops).

Really diggin the title of your training log, can’t wait to see what you’ll do.

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Amount of sleep night before: 4 hours
Pre-nutrition: Protein bar
Peri-Nutrition: Gatorade w/ BCAAs

Power clean & jerk: 155lb 5 sets of 3
Closed grip bench: 185 5 sets of 3
Chin up 50 reps
Shoulder shocker: 35lb plate, 15lb DB 3 sets
DB Row: 3 sets of 10 55lb

Post nutrition: N/A

Comments: Despite a great day, this work out was trash. Everything felt heavy and felt burned out towards the end. Shit happens, I’ll live.

Amount of sleep night before: 8 hours
Pre-nutrition: Protein Bar
Peri-nutrition: Gatorade w/ BCAAs

OH Press: 95lb 2 sets of 4, 115lb 2 sets of 3, 135lb 2 sets of 2 and pyramid back down.
315 1-2-3
335 1-2-3
355 1-2-3
365 1-2-3
Pull ups 30 reps
Incline curl 2 sets of 20

Post nutrition: 2 scoops of whey with 16 oz of whole milk

Comments: I definitely could’ve hit over 400 in deadlifting today but I don’t want to go over 4 waves as of right now. My shoulder is fucked up from work, so I surprised myself with the OH pressing. I planned on squatting everyday but because I’m at a commercial gym, I’m not gonna wait in line for the one squat rack. It’s so ridiculous I heard they’re gonna start taking call ahead seating.

Amount of sleep night before: I don’t recall. Between 5-6 hours.
Pre-nutrition: Water w/ creatine
Peri-nutrition: Gatorade w/ BCAAs

Squat: 245 3x3
255 1x1
265 1x1
275 1x1
285 1x1 (Partial squat, not counting it)
OH Press: 4x8 105lb
Chin up: 40 reps

Post-nutrition: Nada

Comment: Had a long day, wanted to keep my work out short. I’ll be starting 5/3/1 for squats, bench, and OH Press. My deadlifts have always responded best to wave-ladders so I’m not changing that.