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Strength is Happiness Documentary


Please watch, not my best lifts or best form but a reasonable record of the time.


Despite the hippy shit... and my urge to feed Andrew (no sicko)
did enjoy.


You must take a lot of fish oil :open_mouth:


Cool. : )


well, you can jump high and have abs of steel.


Well I can definitely respect that man and your high level of agility, however, I really wanted to sock you in the throat when you started saying all that crap about not worrying about money, job, and life... I wish it were that simple-- I thought that too when I was living easy. I quess some people are simply satisfied with just jumping on things.


"weight training is useful in certain aspects"



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Thanks. My deadlift technique has improved. And I am a professional engineer. Finished uni three years ago (in the UK), worked for two years before meeting an American girl and moving here. Can't work yet, but will soon. You can still work hard and lok after a family without stressing over everything so much it ruins your life.


And it was filmed in Wolverhampton England, L.A and the interview was in weehawkin opposite New York.

This is a message to the people in my 'sport' It has a general consensus not to train with weights but just stick to body weight, which needs to change, in America it isn't so bad compared to europe.