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Strength Increasing But Size is Lacking


not sure what it is lately. In january, i slipped on the ice and broke my ankle and also tore some ligaments. i needed 4 rods put in. i was in a cast for 3 months. Ive now been lifting for 2 months since being out of the cast. my strength levels are now where they were before the accident. and for awhile, i was feeling really pumped up but now i feel very flat.

My strength is going up each week. but when not lifting, i have zero pump. even while lifting now, i dont seem to be getting that real pumped up feeling and look. My way of training is training each bodypart 2x per week. with low volume. I only do maybe 3 sets per bodypart. but done 2x per week.

Just not sure if others get this way, feeling really big and pumped for a few weeks, then looking like shit for weeks at a time. Is that overtraining?? thinking of maybe not going to failure, cutting back on intensity for a few workouts. what do you guys think.


id probably do more than 3 sets for body parts, i mean really? youre legs are made up of more muscles than that....


you've never read about DC Training (dog crapp) have you. when you work a bodypart more frequently, you can't do alot of volume.


I am no nutrition expert but maybe it has to do with your carb/calorie intake.

Also if you hadn't trained legs in a couple months maybe your mind muscle connection is a bit off and will prolly come back with time. maybe start your sessions with some light extentions/ ham curls to get some blood in there before you move onto your big movements.


I feel stupid giving advice to someone your size, but since you asked lol:

You just need to get into your training grove again. I noticed with low volume training, you need to wait longer until the gaining momentum "catches up"

Once diet has been on track and things have been ticking over for weeks (strength gains are more "solidified"), this is when the gains will come

Sounds good ^^^ Or just do 1 or 2 weeks of high[er] volume/lower intensity (e.g. drop load by around 15% and add an extra 2 sets or so). Could consider more rest days for this week or 2 aswell.


good advice. Im open to any and all advice. i never close my mind to anything. like i said, my strength levels are just about back to where they were before. I've never been a big volume guy. but maybe try doing a bit more volume, but stopping short of failure to allow more volume.


thanks. yeh it doesn't need to be a drastic change, or for very long, it'll just give your nervous system a little rest without de-conditioning/losing much strength...which in turn helps to keep you pushing hard without feeling like you had to crap out a kidney :slightly_smiling:

Your head can really play mind games when things start to stall like after a layoff/illness, but it's good to bear in mind that what built a big physique before will still build it more (given time). Main thing is a little backing off/change of pace, and a more solidifying of gains (e.g. owning the weight, and more gradual increments). Can be frustrating playing catch up - you often add too much too soon etc and then end up with the same load for weeks


I would eat more...


To me it sounds like muscle memory kicking in. Strength usually returns pretty quickly in guys who take a short lay off. Plus short term gains in strength tend to be CNS adaptation to recruiting more muscle fibers for specific movements, thus you can get stronger without much of an increase in size.


This leads me to believe that it is not you in your avatar.


If it isnt your carb intake thats making you flat, maybe its just the low volume approach. I dont know about you, but unless im going really high reps (12 or more) i cant get a very good pump in only 3 sets.