Strength in Squats vs Lunges

I’m wondering if there is a “rule of thumb” correlation between some ones squat strength (back squat specifically), and their lunge strength (front grip reverse lunge).

For example, if you can squat X weight, it could be expected for you do to a lunge at around y weight. Assuming all other things are equal (form, training experience with both techniques, etc.)

I’m just curious, because my back squat weight isn’t a whole lot higher than my lunge weight (relative to my body weight). I’ve been told that squat should be about double lunge weight, but I don’t think that is right.

I’m 154lbs, 5’10". I can back squat 225 for 8 reps, and reverse lunge 165 for 8 reps. If the person who said that is right, then based on my lunge, I should squat 330 for 8.

I’ve had trainers look at my form on both techniques, and the technique is pretty close (it can improve, but I’m not crazily off or anything. It doesn’t look like I’m compensating with some other movement.)

I’ve only been training for about 8 months now (there was some off time in nov-dec, but I’ve been pretty consistent with my training).

If lunge is supposed to be half squat weight, and my squat should be higher, could it be due to the fact that my body is just “not used to” 330 on my back? I wonder that too, because every time I up the rack weight, psychologically the bar feels MUCH heavier than the 5-10lb bump.

I dunno. You guys have a lot more experience with lifting, so hopefully you can answer it for me (or even say that the weight difference is normal). haha

no,there is no correlation I have ever seen.

A lunge isn’t a one-legged squat. You’re assiting with that back leg.

yea, that is why I figured it wouldn’t be double the work.

I’m just wondering if there is some correlation between loads. there probably is, but no one really has cared to work it out.

probably to busy squatting! lol

I wouldn’t think so, it’s a radically different set of muscles involved with the squat than the lunge.

A deadlift would be a much better cross-comparison and there are articles here that do make those comparisons.

the deadlift/squat comparisons was why I wondered if there was a squat/lunge comparison.

i think there’s some correlation between the 2 lifts. from what i’ve seen it seems like a lunge being 2/3 of ur squat is pretty close. ppl would think it’s 1/2 but u actually get some assistance from ur back leg. i think some reasons for a lunge being less than 2/3 ur squat is: not as much focus on lunges, weak stabilizer muscles. i think some reasons for a lunge being more than 2/3 ur squat is: more of a focus on lunges and good stabilizer muscles. i have a 360 lb. squat and 210 lb. lunge which makes my lunge is 58.33% of my squat. the reasons y it’s lower is i squat more frequently than i lunge and weak stabilizer muscles.