Strength imbalances

Hey guys, this is only my second post so I hope I dont come off sounding like a complete jackass. I’ve been training for about a year now and it seems like the right side of my body is much stronger than the right. I’m right handed(like most people) so I understand that my right arm will be slightly stronger than my left, but the disparity just seems to be too great. Any tips or ideas would be most helpful! Thanks

When CW was running the guest forum, I asked him about using his 100 Rep/day program to correct bilateral imbalances. He said it can be highly effective at accomplishing this. Give it a try, if you have the available resources for arm training.

Here is the article: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

Give some numbers on the imbalances. Check out Ian King’s stuff. He is big on correcting imbalances through unilateral movements. Throwing in extra reps, or even sets for your weaker side sometimes is necessary.

Use db’s of uneven weight for your upper body exercises for a 4 week cycle. For example, let’s say you’re doing db bench presses. Grab a 65 with your left hand and a 60 or 55 with your right, then do the set. You will basically be doing a maintenance workout for your strong side, while your weak side catches up. Obviously barbells will be out of your program during this cycle, so just use db’s or machines that allow unilateral loading. I’ve used this technique with many clients and usually 1 month is all it takes to balance things out.

I second the recommendation to check out Ian King on imbalances. After reading his stuff, I addressed my imbalances MUCH more aggressively than before (sometimes even ignoring the stronger muscle entirely) and it really helped.