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Strength Imbalances or Not Really?

recently i’ve noticed a few things that I have been thinking may be strength imbalances that should possibly be addressed in some way

first, the weight I can do for 10 reps on the decline close grip bench press is about the same as what I can do with a normal “wide” grip.

second, a few people have been surprised at how little I can barbell bench press for 10 reps (155) compared to the amount I can dumbell bench press for 10 reps (65 / hand). I’m not too concerned about this one, just looking for some thoughts.

also, I can squat 295 for 10 reps hamstrings parallel blah blah. is this high compared to my upper body strength? (i can do about 10 very good form chinups, 7-8 pullups, and the benching numbers mentioned above) i’m 6’ tall and believe I have pretty long legs with a relatively short torso and medium arm length.

I can deadlift 255 x 8-10, but i hear that most people can deadlift more than they can squat?

when i first started training about a year ago i did splits for about 10 months. the past two months i’ve been doing a Waterbury based tbt thing that i’ve kinda been straying from lately but still using as a general template due to good strength gains (not so sure about size)

any thoughts or is this all looking normal?


Don’t sweat the small stuff it looks pretty “normal”, everyone is different. My bench is closer to my squats than you but that’s due to the beginner disease I suffered from: bench and curl every day and no leg…

If your seeing progress with a tbt then keep doing it until you stall. Then look for good split programs.

Get your lifts up to 3/4/5 range. Right now your lifts aren’t imbalanced, you’re just weak. And your squat form sucks (it’s not hamstrings to parallel, it’s the top of the quad, or the hip socket in line with the top of the knee, depending on who you ask).

TBT is okay. I like Rippetoes, but whatever. Like Nyral says, stick with it until it stops working.

yeah you’re right, i actually go by when the top of my quads are parallel i just said hamstrings because thats what i had seen people saying.