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Strength Imbalances, Legs Affecting Core


Just noticed something today in the gym, while doing a plank complex, going from left side plank to plank to right side plank with 30 second holds, I noticed I am stronger on my right side and can hold the side plank longer without fatiguing, meanwhile when squatting I noticed that I tend to favor my left leg more than my right and have noticed that while doing step ups with 135 on barbell that my left is significantly stronger banging out 2-3 reps more than my right.

Just wondering if anyone has noticed this that a muscle imbalance in your legs leads to one in your core, and that aside from unilateral training if anyone has any tips.
Unfortunately I think it all stems from a possible hip dysplasia in my right, which has less hip flexion, and internal rotation in that hip, when compared to my left, and if anyone has some tips for overcoming this it would help aside from stretching my external rotators and strengthening my internal rotators...

Thanks in advance