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strength imbalance?

im currently following a 5x5 protocol, which consists of 3 different training sessions. chest/back, legs, and arms. im happy with my strength gains and change in physique appearance. what im wondering is this, my flat bench press is performed on a 31x0 tempo, im currently using 245lbs. i am using 240 in my close grip bench press using the same tempo. should the 2 numbers be so close? i would think that my regular bench would be stronger than the close grip variety. is my chest weak, or are my triceps strong? what percentage of flat bench max is normally used on close grip? any thoughts? thanks.


What is the width of your hand spacing on your wide and close grip presses?

on close grips my hands are on the inside of the 1st marks on the bar on the smooth part of the bar, and on wide grips my middle finger is on the second line on the bar.

It sounds like you just have strong triceps compared to your chest. I wouldn’t call your chest weak without knowing your bodyweight and training experience. Your close grip does seem strong compared to your regular bench, but I’ve seen other people who are similar to you in that regard.