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Strength Imbalance Testing

Does anyone know of any good strength imbalance tests? I do fitness testing for a tech company and would like to add something like this to the tests I already do.

I am thinking of something geared towards people who have already been lifting, but beginner type tests are fine also. I was going to do bench press:barbell row comparison, but beyond that I am not sure what else I can do.

Any suggestions would really be appreciated, thanks!

Sure the testing of antagonist would be cool to see but also and probably easier and still lead to great progress if addressed would be simple unilateral testing left vs right. It would be easy to apply as well.

Thanks, that’s a good call.

Do you think unilateral work is something that should be practiced beforehand to ensure that I am actually testing the persons strength, not just their coordination at a new movement? Any other good antagonist testing besides the bench/row? It just seems hard to isolate opposing muscles beyond those movements and maybe biceps/triceps which I don’t think would really be worthwhile… Thanks again

Pull-ups vs Dips
Clean vs Military Press
Med ball slam reps in 1 minute vs Overhead med ball tosses in 1 minute


External rotation vs. bench?

The article was a life saver for me…

Leg extension v’s leg curl - alot of people have stupid ham:quad strength from doing semi-squats.

Here’s a quirky one: Get them to put their hands behind their back with their palms pressed together and the fingers pointing straight upwards - can’t do it? Your posterior forearm muscles are weak compared to your anterior forearm muscles.

That Poliquin article was great! Thank you!