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Strength/Hypertrophy Hybrid Program Using Lifts I Enjoy. Critical Feedback Please

I have built an ok strength base using 5x5 on all the main lifts with a few adjustments. I’m looking to break into some O lifting with some hypertrophy peppered in. I am no competitor. My desire is to be strong, fast, and look good nekked. Here is what I have come up with for my training regime. What are your thoughts? I would love some critical feedback. Thank you for your time Christian.

Some stats if that helps:
5’9" 180lbs 15% body fat.

Here is the current progress in my main lifts. All weights are for 5 sets of 5 reps and in lbs
Rack Pulls (mid-shin): 335
Squats: 275
Bench: 205
Push Press: 155
Rows: 175

Monday: Pressing/Squatting
Power Snatch: 5x5 (85%)
Flat Bench: 5x5 (85%)
Front Squat: 3x12 (70%)
Box Jumps: 4x12
Plyo Push-ups/ Med ball throw push-press (3xAMRAP)

Tuesday: Pulling
Snatch Grip High Pull: 5x5 (85%)
Pendlay Row: 5x5 (80%)
Pull-down: 4x10 (75%)
DB 1 Arm Row: 3x8 (75%)
Abs/Bicep work (Heavy) (2/3 sets)

Thursday: Pressing/Squatting
Power Cleans: 5x5 (80%)
Back Squats: 5x5 (85%)
Push Press: 5x5 (85%)
DB Incline: 4x12 (70%)
Tricep work (Heavy) (2/3 sets)

Saturday: Pulling
Snatch Grip Rack Pulls: 5x5 (85-90%)
Pendlay Rows: 4x10 (75%)
Renegade Rows: 4x12 (60%)
Abs/ Bicep work (Pump) (2/3 sets)

I’ll critique the program later, but right off the bat I don’t like the percentages.

I use them from time to time on the main lift but only as part of a gradual progressing. You are just using random percentages with no planned weekly progression and some of these percentages aren’t really realistic… 85% x 5 in the snatch? For 5 sets? Well if you are really week it might work but normally with 85% 5 reps is about the most quality reps you can do on a strength movement.

I don’t like using percentages for assistance lifts. When I use them it’s only for the main movement in the scope of a long term (12 weeks) progression model.

Thank you for your feedback. The percentages are mostly for myself to eyeball my progress. I will work with a particular weight until I can do all 5 sets at 5 reps. Then I will move up. I suppose the percentages are a waist of time. Same with my assist lifts, once I hit the top of the rep range on any particular lift I bump it up.
I look forward to your critique on this @Christian_Thibaudeau I have not begun this yet and am looking forward to trying something with more flavor besides just the simple 5x5 (which is great don’t get me wrong) what I really want is something I enjoy that I can stick with for the long haul. I love to work hard and train but I hate to do work that isn’t beneficial to my goals or worth my time.

\Yeah that works… classic double progression

Hi. I am within 12 pounds of my goal of 1000 pounds power lifting total, so I’m planning my next goal of being able to lift my own body weight over my head. Since my gym is a little busy, I can’t be too particular, but I have a template I am thinking about following. Unfortunately, my being over weight is as much a barrier as shoulder strength, so I need to trim down, too. My clean and press is 165 pounds but I weigh 293. I’m in my forties.

The plan is like this (these days rotate Friday, Sunday, Tuesday):

Day 1: clean and press, legs (squat or dead lift variation), upper body super set, light legs, swimming
Day 2: snatch highs, star complex for shoulder presses, legs, swimming
Day 3: push presses, legs, upper body super sets, legs, swimming
Day 4: hip thrusts, shoulder press behind the head, legs, swimming

If the gym isn’t too crowded my first set of legs is a super set of heavy squat, light squat, and jumping modeled off your star complex idea.

Hey @Christian_Thibaudeau. Just checking in to see if you’d given any though to my routine? I know you’re busy so no sweat