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Strength Gains

I have finaly made the decision that I want to gain a substancial gain in weight not only to gain muscle but more importantly gain a great amount of strength.

Im away next week for a week and than Im going to war on myself.

The plan is to gain 30kg(66lb)

I weigh in at around 77kg(169lb)

My PR’s at the moment include
*190kg box squat(418lb)
*182.5kg deadlift(401lb) this was a while ago deadlift took a back seat
*60kgx5 Military press(132lb) this sucks
*120kg bench press(264lb) this was easy

Im going to run DC for the present time with no thoughts of changing for a long time before switching back to WS4SB awhile down the line

Here is a basic guide to meals ect per day.

Breakfast-4large pancakes w/ syrup
Dinner- 2 large chicken breasts w/two cheese jacket potatoes and salad
Tea- 2 large steaks w/ new potatoes and rice and veg
4 weight gainer shakes(700kcal a piece)
creatine mono(not decided on dosage)
large meat feast pizza
glutamine(not decided on dosage yet)
2 shots of olive oil

yes its not a clean bulk but at 7% body fat and gaining fat doesnt bother me at all.

Even if I gain at a ratio of 1:1 of muscle to fat which isnt ideal but would still leave me with 15kg(33lb) of muscle extra.

So on a bulk of this extent what amount of weight would you aim to gain on each lift?

It’s tough to correlate bodyweight increases with PR goals. I personally would just try and add more weight to the bar or more reps with heavy weight (3 one week, 4-5 the next ect…) instead of stating from the begining I will bench 50 more pounds in 10 weeks. Rather, set mini goals that you can possibly achieve every week or two weeks.

We all have long-term training goals, but I believe that incremental goals work the best and keep you motivated instead of always chasing a number that may seem far away. As far as you diet goes, you certainly are getting your calories in and are bound to gain weight if that is actually how much you eat a day regardless of your metabolism.
I would just keep adding weight and I think that you’ll see as you gain more and more mass, your lifts will also increase, but they may not directly correlate with each other.

Good luck bro.

Well, if you go by the wilks formula (for powerlifting), for that much weight gain (77 to 107kg) if you’re not lifting 1.2 times what you are now, you can consider that you’ve moved backwards :stuck_out_tongue:

but if i were you i’d want to be doing more than that. Especially because you say that your millitary press, bench, and deadlift could be better right now.

Sounds like one hell of a bulking diet :slight_smile: I’m sure you’ll have fun with that.

Yes I know I can stomach that amount of food, I did something similar a while back and went from around 60kg to 80kg in about 2 months gained a chunk of fat but was definately worth it. Aye the first few weeks will be a killer for me to get used to eating that much again but its a challenge and I definately love a challenge.

I have some short term goals in mind. Its only lazyness and life getting hectic thats stopped me doing this before now. 1.2 increase on my lifts sounded low until I worked it out but Id still like to think I could achieve more.

I will work out some mini goals to achieve in the for the first 2-3 weeks.

I have ready anything on lifting I can get my hands on for a long time now, its time I put it into practise.

Two things I missed off the inital post is, I will be taking multi vitamines just for peace of mind realy and I will be stretching every morning. I would love to be able to do the full splits again just to say I can more than anything.

I have an agreement with my gym that if there is anything equipment wise that I want to bring my self they will store it for me so I intend on splashing out on:

*An adjustable squat box instead of a wooden 15inch box
*Saftey squat bar
*Fat bar/Axle
*Some grip tools

I cant wait to get started now Im chomping at the bit so to speak

Cant beat good old fashioned hard work!

Looking through the DC tread two, there was a post saying to miss out DC until your over 200lb repping 315lb on the bench, 500lb deadlifting and 405lb squatting all for reps.

Since I hit none of these, I shall go for something alittle more Westside inspired maybe

A 1.2x gain in the lifts would be pretty low, any less and it would be backwards was what i’m saying. I’d expect you to gain more.
I think DC is an awesome way to train, i think the concern is if you’re not advanced enough you’ll either quit, or not be moving enough weight to really stress yourself with one exercise, not recognise failure points etc. Even if you’re not that advanced you can still use DC ideas, i use rest pause for some upper body assistance exercises, and sometimes the stretching (sometimes). I think its a great way to train after your max sets, you can do some assistance work and completely trash yourself in a few minutes and go home.

for size and strength at your level, i would definitely recommend 5/3/1. once you are a bit more advanced feel free to try out dc as has been stated prior.

Aye Im going back to a more westside based program with a fair bit of volume on the assistance lifts. I will be RP’ing a few of my exercises. Time to start towards hitting the minimum requirements that I saw on the DC 2 thread that I posted above. It just means I now have two challenges:

1st being to hit those numbers and get my weight up

2nd being to continue gaining weight and doing some damage using DC

Off to the gym soon to start on the first goal but not before I head to the fridge to work on the same one