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Strength Gains While Dieting?

I’ve been dieting since February or so, and this is probably a stupid question, but should your strength still be increasing while on a calorie-restricted diet? I’ve done a few cycles of MAG-10/ and Finasol, so I have used some anabolics, but my poundages are pretty much staying the same. I haven’t gotten weaker, which is a good thing. It kind of gets frustrating lifting the same weights week after week. And I’ve been mixing up my exercises week after week (sometimes I bench, sometimes use dumbbells, sometimes machines etc).

Are you training specifically for stength (i.e. 7 reps and under)?

If you are switching your exercises every week than that could be your problem. Your body is trying to adapt to a new exercise. If you keep the exercises the same, then you should experience some neural learning and the poundages should go up.