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Strength Gains while Cutting

I just spent the last 3 months cutting weight. I dropped from 230 to 200 lbs (I’m 5’ 9). I followed the best damn workout for natural lifters, completed a concept 2 Row Marathon, and completed Murph on Memorial Day.

My starting weights on the main lifts for the program were 245 deadlift, 185 front squat, 205 bench, and 85 press. I plateaued at 225 on the front squat (weak abs) and switched to back squats in week 6.

This past week, I switched from cutting back into mass gaining and decided to retest my rep PRs after the cut.

Following the 5/3/1 4th week progression, I hit 130x8 on press, 325x8 on deadlift, 245x11 bench, and 315x10 squat. All 4 lifts were lifetime rep PRs for me. I’ve never actually tested a 1RM.

I’m going to be eating in a surplus until August when I’m shooting to officially join the 1000 lb club. With where I’m at right now though, I think the 1200 lb club might be within reach too. I’ll be following 5/3/1 with BBB for assistance.

After that, it’s back to cutting down for my last three months in Afghanistan so that I can come home stronger, leaner, and ready to introduce myself to the local college girls. I plan to follow the Best Damn Strength Plan for Natural Lifters during the last three months. Ideally, I want to settle at 205 lbs, 10-12% body fat.

My ultimate goal is to be the strongest 205 lb guy in the Army. I’ve got a bum knee, so I don’t have to worry about that cardio BS. Just lift, eat, and repeat.

Any suggestions or comments are always appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read!