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Strength Gains When Taking Insulin?

Going to start taking insulin for the firs time in december and I am wondering what strenght gains can I expect if my main goal is still hypertrophy and I am starting very low with 3IUS and bumping it up to no more then 10IUS
I already know some of you will say I will gain nothin on such small doses just when people told me I couldn’t gain more than 6-7 lbs of muscle od deca( 300mg) and dbol(40mg max) without test and yet I gained and kept 15 lbs of lean muscle while having stomach virus and fucked up sleep patterns in combination with stress
I really won’t take more than 10IUS of Slin so don’t write nothing at all if that your response would be you have to take more

Thanks in advance

So if you know it all, why the fuck are you here? Fucking kids these days.


No… As I said I don’t know what sort of strenght gains can you expect on insulin

The short answer is ‘none’.

Thank you for your response