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Strength Gains on Steroids


Hey, sorry if this is a stupid question, but what are the type of strength gains that you get from steroids? Obviously I am not judging people who use, or anything, but I hear very different things from people. Like some people I've seen that have had real good totals then suddenly add 20% on all of their lifts in 12 weeks while some people say it doesn't add much to strength. Is the first normal, the latter, or are these different people just weirdos and it's somewhere in between? I've heard genetics plays a part in your gains from PEDs.

I am just curious on what I am missing out. I'm way too young myself to even consider them. lol


20% on all lifts is not going to happen to advanced lifter , those gains you speak of are for beginners who lift for a year , and out of pure inpatientness, start the juice. And start out heavy users.
Then i see them in a few years and they wonder why they have so many injuries. Have the rubber ball effect. Lift for fiveyears hard and try everything possible before you manipulate hormones.
If you have been training for a year then get inpatient go on mega cycle, you will blow up then deflate faster then you blew up.