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Strength Gains on Restricted Cals?

Hey guys, I’m still shedding my body fat % down from 18, now at like 16. On these restricted caloric diets, are strength gains still abundant? I think I know that they are there of course, but will being on a “massive eating” diet plan provide better strength gains?

Depending on your workout regimen, you’d probably gain more strength on a bulking cycle by hypertrophying the contractile proteins myosin and actin to a greater degree. However, you should still experience the positive nueral adaptations even while on a slightly reduced calorie diet, provided that you don’t feel overly fatigued and flat all the time.

I’m on Fat Fast (day 8), and I just added 10 pounds to my bench. Kinda came out of nowhere, but I’m still new to weighttraining so it’s not too surprising I suppose.