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Strength Gains on Myostat

Did they not test strength while on myostat in that study? If i remember correctly the old bulls that had the myostatin mutation were weak and had poor cardiorespiratory systems.

did the old bulls train like a t-man? Obviously the heavier you are the harder it will be for you to run for endurance. You can not equate endurance with strength. laters pk

If the study was conducted in Russia or on russian athletes, I am sure that they took note as to whether or not strength gains were significant, scientifically speaking. If someone could point us to the journal in which this study was published, then maybe we can find out more.

Well duh! thats not what i was saying. the bulls had something wrong with their cardiorespiratory systems that im guessing was linked to the myostatin.

The bulls had poor cardio b/c the myostatin gene was turned off in ALL their muscle, skeletal and smooth. They had hypertophied hearts, and somachs along with the visible muscle. Biotest says that myostat won’t hypertrophy the heart. Would have liked to see evidence of that in the study, though, but I think we can expect evidence for or against this aspect soon. Someone ought to repeat this or a similar study, considering how popular statins are for lowering cholesterol, and that myostatin inhibition is considered a holy grail by a lot of pharmie companies.

Interesting point. Where’d you get the info?

“Statins” used in hyperlipidemia and “myostatin” have absolutely nothing in common except the word statin. Statin drugs are HMG CoA reductase inhibitors, the enzyme responsible for the rate limiting step in cholesterol synthesis in hepatic tissue. It has nothing to do with the myostatin gene, or proteins. They would seem to be related though, so good stab!

from a very old muscle media.