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strength gains on mag-10

Guys, for those of you who have used mag-10 what type of strength gains were you able to acquire on cycle and retain after the cycle ended? Also, what was your cycle length? Did any of you guys try strength protocals like westside training? Thanks in advance.

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My increases in strength were not all that great but i was training specifically for hypertrophy. For what its worth, the first time I was using androsol I was doing primarily low reps and my strength went crazy.

I used MAG-10 while training westside. I gained about 10 lbs in two weeks. My strength also went up quite a bit.

I’ve just completed my 2nd 2-week cycle of Mag-10. I’ve gained 20 pounds. In between I’ve used Tribex and M. During my first two off weeks, I lost only 1 pound.

As far as strength, I did every exercise for 4 sets of 10 reps, focusing totally on form and hypertrophy and muscle growth. As soon As I could do 4 sets of 10, I bumped up the weight.

My starting strength (on key exercises) was as follows:
Incline barbell: 135 x 4 x 10
Flat bench dumbbell press: 50 x 4 x 10
Shrugs: 225 x 4 x 10
Squats: 225 x 4 x 10
Barbell shoulder press: 95 x 4 x 10

After 2 Mag-10 cycles:
Incline barbell: 160 x 4 x 10
Flat bench dumbbell: 65 x 4 x 10
Shrugs: 315 x 4 x 10
Squats: 270 x 4 x 10
Barbell shoulder press: 115 x 4 x 10

Although I gained more than 1 1/4" on my arms, I did not go heavy at all on them. I did strict 3 second up / 3 second down movements.

Hope this helps.